​​​First Time Visitors - Welcome!

​​Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi


​     On behalf of Indivisible Mohawk Valley (IMV), we invite you to become a member and help make positive change in your community

​     Just like you, we are horrified at the self-serving agenda of the elected officials representing the country right now.  Democracy is not a spectator spot, and we are committed to taking action to steer our country away from further disaster.   ​You are needed in this effort.

​Political activisism should be bite size, local, and fun.  Busy life and all, you are perfect the way you are; you have gifts and talents that will make a difference.  Enclosed is a form of 30 ways you can get involved based on your own interests.  Your feedback on this document will bring the opportunities that you're excited about directly to you.  Many hands make light work.

​IMV is an active group with events most days of the week.  Our calendar is updated frequently on our website, Facebook page, and email updates.  Show up to the events you like and that fit your schedule.

​Our vision includes empowering more people to vote for candidates they personally have met and whose votes we can count on to care for all, restore justice, equality, kindness and human decency to our policies.  We want representatives who share our values.  Let's strive for people before party, and everyone participating in democracy to their fullest ability.

​IMV is just one group in a well-organized network with new and established groups in our congressional district; you are going to meet so many amazing people!

​The best place to learn more is at our website.  We look forward to talking to and meeting you soon.

​In solidarity,

​Sarah Reeske, Jen DeWeerth, Betsy Briggs, Mona Perrotti, Jennifer Geiger and Joelle Taylor
​The IMV Steering Committee
We are a group of concerned citizens who self-organize around events and projects that strengthen our bonds and community with one another while standing up peacefully and non-violently to the destructive, corrupt, and undemocratic ways of this administration and its supporters in Congress.
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Website: indivisiblemv.com
​Email: [email protected]
​Twitter: @IndivisibleMV
​Instagram: IndivisibleMVNY
Facebook:​ Indivisible Mohawk Valley​

Click on the form to open it in another window to complete or to print out for completion.  The completed form can be either printed and mailed to Sarah or it can be attached to an email and sent to one of the email addresses on the form.